AP Biology Tasks - Escape the Extreme Weather

posted Jan 29, 2019, 5:49 PM by Mark Eberhard   [ updated Jan 29, 2019, 6:04 PM ]

We cannot afford to lose 5-8 class days in AP Biology and still be able to cover the entire course by the time of the national exam, thus we need to use our snow/cold days more productively.

Please complete the following tasks and bring them to class on Monday, February 04
ALL needed documents are under "Metabolism" 

You may print each document and complete them OR you can view the documents online and write you responses to the questions on line paper.  If you choose the second option PLEASE RESTATE the question in your answer!

Read CH 7 - Introduction & 7.1
Complete POGIL #8 - Cell Respiration an Overview (under "Metabolism" in "POGIL" folder)
Mastering Biology - 7.1 Oxidation/Reduction

Read CH 7.2-7.3
Complete POGIL #9 - Glycolysis and Kreb's Cycle (under "Metabolism" in "POGIL" folder)
Mastering Biology - 7.2-7.3 Glycolysis / Kreb's

Read CH 7.4
Complete POGIL #10 - Oxidative Phosphorylation (under "Metabolism" in "POGIL" folder)
Mastering Biology - 7.4 Electron Transport Chain

Weekend 02/01-02/03
Catalase Enzyme Reaction - POST LAB (on Google Classroom)
Cellular Respiration Lab Data Analysis (will be posted by 1/31)